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body therapy

Totum body therapy is an exciting form of bodywork that consists of:


• massage

• breath work

• talk therapy

• reflexology

• acupressure

• meridian stimulation

• lymph stimulation

• blood circulation stimulation

• organ massage

• stretches

• energy work

• pulsating movements


It is an effective form of treatment for you who want an in-depth, therapeutic massage. It is also for you who want to change an emotional state or process an event or trauma. Totum body therapy is an organic and flexible method that is performed based on a holistic approach.

The treatment begins with a short conversation about where you are and how you feel. During the treatment, we examine together what your body wants to tell you and perhaps, what you want to communicate to your body. Possible causes of your symptoms are explored. The treatment ends with you having a few minutes on the bench to feel in your body, come back to the room and possibly share what comes up for you. I have a duty of confidentiality, that is, everything that you share and what happens during the treatment stays between us. The treatment is suitable for pregnant women who have passed week 12.


60 min 850 kr | 90 min 1. 200 kr

* The 90-minute treatment is provided at Ayurvedic Center Malmö

Deep tissue massage

Different conditions that I treat are:


  • tension in the back and neck

  • lower back pain

  • hip pain

  • persistent headache

  • recurrent migraine

  • tense, sore jaws

  • underactive digestion / emotional stomach

  • stressed feeling in the body


I treat through a combination of oil massage, trigger point therapy, and possibly cupping & gua sha.

After the treatment, we have a short conversation, a kind of check in about how you feel after the treatment and any questions are answered and home exercises are given.

60 min 800 kr | 90 min 1.150 kr

* The 90-minute treatment is provided at Ayurvedic Center Malmö


A massage specially adapted for your pregnant body! You can have massage until delivery.


The massage is performed on a specially developed pillow, which means that you can lie on your stomach. If you can't lie on your stomach, you can lie on your side and/or your back.


The massage can be therapeutic or relaxing or a mix of both. I will tailor it after your specific needs. It comes with a massage of the chest, neck and scalp in the end.

You can also book a

TOTUM body therapy


60 min 750 kr | 90 min 1.050 kr

*** The 90-minute treatment is provided at Ayurvedic Center Malmö

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Mondays at Soluna Spa & Wellness, Föreningsgatan 10A Malmö 11-18.30, BOOK HERE


Wednesdays & Thursdays at Ayurvedic Center Malmö, Skeppsbron 5 Malmö 10.30-18.00, BOOK HERE


Fridays in my private space 9 km northwest of Höör 11-18.00, BOOK HERE

Tuesdays are also an option, please reach out to me to book 

Payment methods are Swish and credit card. 


Cancellation Policy:

* Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the treatment begins.

* If you need to change your booking within 24 up to 6 hours, text me at 0703-486856

and we will find a new time for you!

* In case of cancellation or rebooking within 6 hours, I charge a fee of 50% of the value of your booked treatment.

* In case of no-show, you will be charged for the full amount via invoice.


Gift someone you hold dear with a massage! It's valid for 1 year and you choose the amount.  

Choose between Soluna Spa & Wellness and Ayurvediskt Center Malmö.

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